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Mission Statement

bio.inspecta helps agricultural businesses, aquaculture producers and fisheries as well as companies to sustainably develop and strengthen their market position. With its comprehensive range of services, bio.inspecta stands for quality, reliability and customer benefit.


bio.inspecta is Switzerland's leading provider of inspection and certification services for products manufactured in accordance with the principles of environmental and social sustainability and animal welfare. 


Competent, experienced bio.inspecta staff are commissioned to carry out the inspection and certification of agricultural enterprises, processing and trading companies and do so in an open, independent and reliable manner. bio.inspecta guarantees the reliability of the products and processes checked or certified. 


bio.inspecta is attentive to the needs of its customers and maintains open communication with them. bio.inspecta strives to continuously increase customer satisfaction by providing products and efficient services that meet the requirements of customers from a single source, both domestically and abroad.


bio.inspecta promotes organic farming in its daily work and is committed to ethical and social issues. bio.inspecta strives to provide a positive working environment. bio.inspecta helps staff to develop their soft and professional skills, encouraging them to work in a result-oriented, independent and team-oriented way.

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